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oving is typically considered to be a very nerve-racking task. However, by availing services of professional moving company, it can become hassle free. Now when you have finally decided to move, you must take advantage of quality shipping services. For shipping and storage services from a reliable mover, your belongings and valuables will be in safe hands. They will arrive in the condition they were before you left your place. Long distance moving companies provide local, national and international shipping and storage services with the help of highly trained professionals. Each and every item, be it pianos, household items, antiques’, automobiles or art, is handled with proper protection. Ship your goods to any part of globe with full confidence and satisfaction.
Full shipping and storage service includes land and air freight, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, shipping and storing your stuff. Those items which you don’t want to take with you at the moment are safely stored by long distance moving companies and local movers for any length of time. Companies vary with storage space they offer. Good companies are able to accommodate storage needs you require for time period you want. Warehouses are fully secured. The specialized storage services provide you a helping hand when you are stuck with moving schedule challenges. They hold your belongings at secure storage spaces until your new place is ready. Moving them to your new place when it gets ready is also done by these companies. Consider following things before you opt for a storage space.

  • Size of Storage Place: Is the size enough for your personal stuff?
  • Temperature Control: A storage facility, that maintains temperature, is must to prevent growth of mold. Temperature controlled environment keeps your belongings away from corrosion, dust and dirt.
  • Safety: Is the storage place safe enough? What is required to ‘enter’ into storage unit? You must avail storage services if there are proper arrangements of security at storage places. The space must be equipped with CCTV cameras, security guards, gates, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.

Cost of shipping and storage of goods is directly related to volume and type of goods. Other than that, type of moving company, timing to ship and store (off peak periods will cost you less), and service package you choose also affect cost of shipping and storage. Get moving quote for shipping and storage services from your moving company. It may cost extra amount but the satisfaction and convenience you will get will be beneficial. Either you want to avail short term or long term storage facility, compare quality or company’s accreditations before you decide on to the licensed movers. Shortlist companies among many then check their records. Investigate as much as you can. Can you keep your belongings with anyone who is not trustworthy? Never. Ask from relatives, friends and colleagues about their experiences with a particular company. Verify from police record as well to check if there have been any reported cases. Do not sign any document that you do not understand of shipping and storage contract. Ask questions to clear your confusions. Make sure your items must be in safe hands.

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